Aconex UK – Everything You Need to Know in 2022

you might be wondering what is it Aconex UK ?How can it help me ? we’ll not only explain what Aconex UK is ? but I shall teach you the core skills, that all users should be familiar with including how to send mail ? how to upload and send documents via the mail ?

registration of Aconex UK in 2022

how to search for contacts and how to get help if you need it so what is Aconex UK on a construction and engineering project organizations share thousands of documents drawings.

Other types of information in the past these were all paper based and needed to be stored somewhere but these days everything is digital a connect stores all of your information safely and securely online and then provides tools to help you manage workflows and collaborate with everyone on your project with a Aconex UK.

You can access your information anytime and anywhere there’s an internet connection when a Aconex UK is set up correctly and everyone knows the basics work gets carried out as specified and projects completed on time and on budget in Aconex UK we balance the need for data security with the need to collaborate with others.

we like to say that in a aconex information is securely stored and selectively shared organizations can only see the information in their own document registers and they decide what they share with othersin a connects correspondence and documents can’t be deleted.

Aconex UK
Aconex UK

Aconex UK keeps a record of everything so that you can always see who’s done what this level playing field ensures shared accountability no matter the size of the project or organizations involved Aconex is your single source of truth on the project.

Aconex UK Tools

Instead of having hundreds of different tools akonex uk is all you need you’ll always know what the current version of a document is and who’s holding up the process in document.

reviews you can also automate correspondence so that the right people always get the right information and respond with exactly what you need to keep the project moving mail and documents are the main tools you’ll use in aconex uk.

The mail module is for correspondence questions answers advice and instruction in mail you group correspondents with mail types.

These help provide meaning and make it easier to search andretrieve correspondence down the track you can also capture additional information against your mail based processes which can then be monitored and reported on giving you the ability to preempt bottlenecks.

The documents module is used for all documents and drawings that need to go through a series of revisions when you upload documents you tag them with information so they can be easily searched for in your document.

Register this is a key difference this little bit of work upfront to tag your information will save you a lot of time down the track when it comes to finding things and enable workflows.

How Aconex UK work ?

Other tools to work properly helping to save time and money across the entire project so everything in akanex is designed to improve the flow of communication and reduce the amount of rework and disputes.

The poor communication processes on your aconex journey support central will be your guide covering every facet of academics in detail through a mix of how to articles and training videos like this one on support central you can become an aconex master and take our certified training or just dig into the topics.

you need when you need to in fact you’re on support central right now so go ahead and bookmark the site we’re here for you 24/7.

There are many more features in a connex and the platform is continuously evolving but let’s start from the beginning and to do that you’ll need to log in and that’s the topic of the next video

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