Gul chahat 2022 is So Popular Famous ? Ticktock view.

Gul chahat is a shemale from Swat, kpk, Pakistan, gull chahat is a famous tiktok star, gul chahat age is 27 years, gul chahat tiktok viral. Gullchahat recentley visited dubai for programms and met with different people, gulchahat is talented shemale of pakistan, chahat gul hometown is swat beautiful mountainous region of kpk, gul chahat tik tok viral after uses some name in which adnan and sajid were common used, gul chahat contact number is 033469296835, Many people wander about gul chahat gender which is transwoman.

1Full nameGul Chahat
3Tiktok ID@gulchahat
4Tiktok followers4.5 M
5OccupationActress and social media person
6CountryPakistan, Swat
7Net worth$ 1 Million
8BirthdayMarch 3, 1995
9Age27 years
Gul Chahat Tik tok

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Gul Chahat is a Pakistani social media star who has gained popularity through her lip sync app TickTalk. With 195.891K followers on Tik Tok, Gul Chahat is considered as one of the famous stars of Tik Tak in Pakistan. Gul Chahat is popular not only on the lip sync app but also on the photo sharing app, Instagram. Gulchahat has set the username to Gulchahat on Tik Tok. With immense popularity on social media, Gul Chahat has also collaborated with several advertisements.

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Born, Gul Chahat belongs to Pakistan. As in 2021, Gul Chahat is old. Check out below for more dates on Gul Chahat. On this page, Gul Chahat will highlight bio, wiki, age, birthday, family details, affairs, relationships, conflicts, rumors, little known facts and much more.

Ten Awesome Things You Can Learn From gul chahat tik tok, gul chahat instagram.

Gul chahat gender is wanderful topic for her fans, one video of gul chahat tik tok was viral about sajida o sajida which make great fans for her tiktok users, Gul chahat accident was happened when she was going to peshawar but luckily she was saved.

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Gul chahat tiktok – gul chahat twitter pic

5 Things You Should Know About gul chahat tik tok, gul chahat instagram, gul chahat facebook, gul chahat twitter, gul chahat news.

Gul chahat song is repeated song for users, gul chahat gender make her unique from other gender, gul chahat sajida duet make tiktok refresh, Gul chahat twitter also got popularity after post video on gul chahat facebook page and gul chahat news help her to viral like fire, gul chahat beaten is propandas of her fans, gul bahar bano chahat mein trend is still on tracks.

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Gul chahat facebook Picture
The Story Of gul chahat tiktok, gul chahat youtube channel As Told In Photos.

chahat shayari gulzar some line she present during programm in peshawar, one her peshawari fan says she is a chahat ka guldasta hain, In chahat ke gulab lamhe novel represent her beauty.

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The Hidden Agenda Of Gul chahat, gul chahat pakistan, gul chahat sajida, gul chahat song.

Is Gul Chahat The Most Popular Figure Now?

Gul Chahat gained notoriety for his proprietary Tecomic and Instagram accounts.
Individual tick-tick videos came to light after they went viral on social media.
Gul Chahat is considered one of the most influential in Pakistan and has collaborated with a number of commercials.

5 Ways To Be Like Gul Chahat.

Does Gul Chahat know how to cook? – Yes.
Is Gul Chahat smoking? – do not know.
Does Gul Chahat drink alcohol? – do not know.
Does Gul Chahat freeze? – Yes.
Hobby hobbies are reading, photography, learning, surfing the internet.
Gul Chahat’s father’s name is NA.
Gul Chahat’s mother’s name is NA.
Gul Chahat’s hometown is Pakistan.
Gul Chahat’s birthday date.
By 2021, Gul is the age of desire.
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Gullchahat, gulchahat, gul chahat tiktok

Gul chahat is a trans woman from swat kpk pakistan, gull chahat have great ability in dancing due which they have gull chahat programs for their fans, gulchahat have nice figure and have beautiful strong body, the only popularity of gul chahat tiktok videos, chahat gul make several video against gender discriminations, gul chahat age is perfect for raising voice for gender equality, gul chahat tik tok have several funny videos for her fans to make them happy, gul chahat contact number was available but she has banned now because a lot of people calling her to disturb her in sleeping time. gul chahat sajida is famous voice and got good attention from her fans and viral it on tiktok. aam olas new program 2022 is the favorite show which she watch regularly.

jahangir khan jani age was asked by gul chahat during meeting with him. tiktok Pakistan have great space for transgender community which was liked by thousand of people.

Gul chahat accident, gul chahat song

Gul chahat tik tok have good trend in dubai too, she met with different people in UAE, gul chahat accident was happened when she was going from swat to peshawar on road accident but she recovered soon. Gul chahat song is usually in pashto language and she danced during singing.

Gul chahat twitter, gul chahat queen of kpk

Gul chahat sajida have deep friendship and use his name in different occasion, gul chahat twitter have small number of followers, gul chahat queen of kpk have recently travelled to Dubai, UAE, gul chahat facebook have journey pictures and videos

Gul chahat news provide gul chahat beaten by some unknown people, gul chahat instagram have grown well after visited Dubai, gul bahar bano chahat mein is romantic song.

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