Pakistani tiktokers list 2022 most popular figures

Pakistani tiktokers list 2022 most popular figures, Top 10 Pakistani TikTok Stars To Follow Is So Famous, But Why? Why Is Top 10 Pakistani TikTok Stars To Follow So Famous? which pakistani tiktoker has the most followers ? top tiktoker in pakistan, Top 10 richest tiktoker in pakistan, Ten Facts About Top 10 Pakistani TikTok Stars To Follow That Will Blow Your Mind. Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Top 10 Pakistani TikTok Stars To Follow.

1. Zibagul tiktok star

zeba gulay use name zeba gulley and use username as @xzayx89 on tiktok, majority fans of ziba gul is pashtun because sometime she make pashto videos too.

zeba gulay,
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zeba gul,
zeba gulay

zeba gulay is a tiktok star famous for their unique urdu and CEO of Ghareeb Tabah de along with lala O lala, after posting video of ghreeb tabah de in three languages english, urdu and pashto She got wide fame on tiktok.

2. Hareem Shah tiktok star

Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah has been climbing the ladder of fame with her connection to the powerful people in Pakistan. All You Need To Know About Top Ten Most Followed On Tiktok, Top Famous Tiktokers, Most Popular Tiktokers 2021 In Pakistan. hareem shah pic.

The Pakistani TikTok celebrity Hareem Shah has been gaining fame at a shocking pace. Her fame peaked when Hareem Shah shared a video of herself in the Foreign Office of Pakistan on TikTok on October 22, 2019. top tiktoker in pakistan 2022. hareem shah pic

3. Jannat Mirza

Widely known TikToker Jannat Mirza carries a huge fan following of about six million because of her charismatic beauty. On the work front, Jannat Mirza soon going to appear in a Punjabi film, directed by Syed Noor. She will be seen playing role of a village girl.

Jannat mirza tik tok,
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jannat mirza leaked video ,
Jannat mirza tik tok

Jannat mirza is 20 year old Jannat belongs to Pakistan’s Faisalabad city. She has been a student of Arts College and had also moved to Japan recently for educational purpose.

4. Tuqeer Ahmed (Phollu)

Phollu rose to fame with his funny and well choreographed videos on TikTok. His fans love his effortless acting in the videos and they admire his talent. The Hidden Agenda Of Tik Tok Pakistani.

TikTok gave a chance to people from both rural and urban areas to show their skills. Phollu is one of such profiles. He always has a sweet smile on his face while making videos.

5. Zulqarnain Sikandar

Zulqarnain Sikandar is a popular TikToker, who makes funny videos. He is very creative with his videos and has a large fan base.

Make sure you follow him, you cannot miss those expressions!

6. Reeja Jeelani : reeja jeelani wikipedia

Reeja Jeelani is a Pakistani TikToker who is loved by 436k+ followers. She has 3.6 million hearts on her videos and is a verified TikToker. reeja jeelani wikipedia declare436k+ followers on tiktok. Before TikTok, Rija rose to success through other similar video and photo mediums like Dubsmash and Instagram. She was also big on, which is not merged with TikTok.

7. Usman Nasim

Usman Nasim is a viral TikToker in Pakistan. Almost every other video he posts makes it to other social media platforms. Never Underestimate The Influence Of Top Famous Tiktokers. He sure does get a lot of people to smile with his witty and humorous content. Usman is a unique creator in Pakistan and urges users to connect with him through his hashtag #famousmolvi.

8. Sundal Khattak

Sundal Khattak can be seen in Hareem Shah’s videos and vice versa, quite often. The duo is making waves with their videos in Pakistan. Sundal has 1.1 million followers and 12.2 million hearts on all her videos. Sundal, along with Hareem is invited to events around the world. She also posts sponsored videos on her profile now.

9. Alishba Anjum

Alishba Anjum is another popular actress and model who is on TikTok in Pakistan. She is widely known for her sense of style and catchy videos. TikTok has awarded the ‘Precious’ badge to Alishba for her creative videos as well. Alishba, also known as Lishay has 3.4 million followers on her verified TikTok profile. Do check out her content!

10. Areeka Haq tiktok

Pakistani tiktokers list Areeka Haq is at 10 position according our ranking, another ‘celebrity’ TikTok creator in Pakistan. She is smart, funny and cute. Areeka can be a great addition to our drama and film industry, because her TikTok videos are a work of art. The 16 year old has more than 1.6 million followers on her profile.

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