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sinf e aahan girl name, sinf e aahan girl pic Ticktock view.

sinf e aahan girl name, pic is most Popular famous in 2022, Rabia Safeer real name is Sajal Aly,Mahjabeen Mastaan is Kubra Khan, Shaista Khanzada is Yumna Zaidi while Arzoo Daniel is Syra Yousuf and Pariwesh Jamal is Ramsha Khan, The srilankan girl was in dramas as Nathmy Perrera ( Sri Lankan Trainee in PMA) real name is Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa. Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa is in real from srilanka.

sinf e aahan girl name, sinf e aahan girl pic,
sinf e aahan girl pic

1. Shaista Khanzada – sinf e aahan girl name

Shaista Khanzada real name is Yumna Zaidi became born on 30 July 1989 is a Pakistani television actress. She has established her profession as one of the main television actress in Urdu-television industry and is thought for portraying diverse characters in social to romantic dramas. Read yumna zaidi biography here

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yumna zaidi– sinf e aahan girl pic

sinf e aahan girl name Shaista Khanzada, Last week’s episode ended with the inevitable face off between Shaista and her father. For people who don’t keep in mind, Shaista (Yumna Zaidi), who belongs to an uber conservative Pakhtoon own family had snuck out within the nighttime with the intention to move give her army admission take a look at.

While most could have expected her father to have disowned her for the meant shame she brought to the family for sneaking out, a great deal to every body’s wonder her father couldn’t have been prouder.

2. Mahjabeen Mastaan – sinf e aahan girl name

Mahjabeen Mastaan real name is Kubra Khan, Kubra Khan was born on 16 June 1993 is a British Pakistani actress. She made her movie debut inside the 2014 Pakistani comedy mystery movie Na Maloom Afraad 2014. read more here sinf e aahan girl name

Unlike the relaxation of the women, we didn’t get to look a heartwarming show of love for Mahjabeen (Kubra Khan) and considering her messed up own family existence, it comes as no marvel. But instead of specializing in her strained courting with her parents, Sinf e Aahan saved Mahjabeen’s segment of the drama on a lighter word in episode five. Read Mahjabeen Mastaan biography here

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kubra khan biography- sinf e aahan girl name

sinf e aahan girl name Mahjabeen packs what looks as if an entire lot of unnecessary stuff, her residence help mulls over how she always wanted to enroll in the military or marry an military guy however given that she didn’t manipulate to do both she’s residing vicariously through Mahjabeen.

Only her new wishes include Mahjabeen getting the Nishan e Haider so that each one the critical human beings can visit Mahjabeen’s house and she or he can make tea for them. When Mahjabeen reminds her getting the award might mean dying, the maid doesn’t seemed fazed at the opportunity. The exchange became hilarious and Kubra Khan had the quality expressions!

3. Syeda Sidra Batool – sinf e aahan girl name

Syeda Sidra Batool is real name is Dananeer mobeen age is a 19 years old girl from islamabad, dananeer mobeen net worth is about 1 $ USD, dananeer mobeen instagram got viral after her famous video pawri ho rahi hai, The dananeer mobeen birthday is 27 December 2001. Read biography of Syeda Sidra Batool here

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Dananeer mobeen biography

It changed into instantaneous repute for Dananeer whilst she posted her ‘Pawri Horahi Hai‘ clip on social media. People all throughout Pakistan or even India made their variations of her catchphrase and she have become a family name. From products to wedding ceremony dances, there has been no escaping the pawri. However, regardless of the fame, sinf e aahan girl name Dananeer had stated that it became unlikely that she could project into performing. In an interview with Nida Yasir on her morning show, the young influencer discovered that it would be hard getting permission from her own family to behave in a drama.

4. Pariwesh Jamal – sinf e aahan girl name

another sinf e aahan girl name, Pariwesh Jamal real name is Ramsha khan, She is a 27 years old Pakistani actress from Karachi patikot, Sindh, Pakistan. Her date of birth is 23 June 1992, She work in different pakistani dramas. The height of ramsha khan is 5 feet 6 inches Meters. Read Biography of Pariwesh Jamal here

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Ramsha khan

All homecomings weren’t all that sweet although. sinf e aahan girl name Pariwash (Ramsha Khan) made her own family proud through moving into the military but not like the relaxation of the women, there was no right celebration for the Balochi army recruit. Not due to the fact they aren’t proud of their daughter but due to the fact her father fears the response of the top of the tribe.

5. Nathmy Perrera – sinf e aahan girl name

Nathmy Perrera real name is Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa. She was born on 3rd October 2003 and she has just turned 18 years old. Yehali Tashiya also known as Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa is a young, stunning, and brilliant Sri Lankan actress who has already made her debut in Pakistan in the most anticipated drama Sinf e Aahan. Read biography of Nathmy Perrera here

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yehali tashiya biography

We ultimately get our first advent of sinf e aahan girl name Nathmy Parrera (Yehali Tashiya) in Sinf e Aahan episode five. The Sri Lankan military recruit joins the forged as someone who wants to be able to satisfy her father’s dreams. As she sits and talks to her mother, they reminisce approximately how lots her past due father would talk about the PMA. We also research that she also has some other time table and that is to find her father’s long lost buddy Mujahid. Despite the robust bond between the two guys, they someway misplaced contact and Nathmy wants to be able to meet him and discover why that befell. Read sinf e aahan girl name here

6. Arzoo Daniel – sinf e aahan girl name

Arzoo Daniel real name is Syra Yousuf, She is a Pakistani model, actress and former VJ who works in Urdu television series and films. Yousuf started out as VJ at MTV Pakistan website hosting Bheja Fry and Most Wanted. She made her appearing debut in Hum TV serial Mera Naseeb. Read syra yousuf wikipedia here

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syra yousuf wikipedia

But possibly the maximum heartbreaking welcome home was Arzoo’s (Syra Yousuf). While her family is elated at their daughter’s success, Noraiz (Asad Siddiqui) is on a task to rip her down. Between emotionally blackmailing her to select among him and the navy, to reminding her of ways her financial scenario left her with limited alternatives, he honestly does recognise how to damper the mood.

To pinnacle it off, at the same time as he’s making Arzoo feel horrific approximately her success and drop within the concept of moving overseas with him, his parent’s are clueless of the connection among the two. Watching the transition of Arzoo and her mom’s excitement approximately his mother and father touring to the frustration after they study Noraiz is a commitmentphobe, turned into heartbreaking inside the least. Here’s to hoping Arzoo tells him what we’re all thinking and that’s: boy, bye.

Rabia Safeer – sinf e aahan girl name

Rabia Safeer real name is Sajal Aly, She was born on 17 January 1994 is a Pakistani actress noted for playing a variety of role in a range of serials from contemporary social to romantic dramas. read biography of Rabia Safeer here

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Rabia Safeer

Rabia and her family have been extraordinarily relatable in the course of the show and persevered to be so in Sinf e Aahan episode five as nicely. While Rabia (Sajal Aly) isn’t too worried approximately adjusting inside the military, her circle of relatives doesn’t percentage the equal optimism and spare no opportunity in terms of pulling her leg. sinf e aahan girl name is really like steel that is why it call sinf e aahan.

sinf e aahan girl name Rabia Safeer jokes about her strolling far from Kakul in some of days and concern about who will marry her if she hurts herself all through education, the whole interplay is healthful and relatable to a exquisite volume. Which is what makes the drama so remarkable, we see a piece of ourselves in every of the ladies and their families.

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