Tiktok pashto funny video girl most Popular in 2022.

This article is especially for active people who sing pashto song, pashto gane, pashto drama, pashto songs, pashto video, pashto dance for his fans and friends.

Tiktok pashto funny video girl 2022 name was viral after posting pashto tiktok funny, In this Pashto tiktok star girls list we have

1. zeba gulay – pashto song, pashto gane, pashto songs.

Zeba gulay sing pashto song which is named as pashto gane in urdu language, Zeba gulay make a short pashto drama for her friends and fans entertainment. Zeba gullay is usually active on tiktok to make pashto video with pashto songs and performed pashto dance.

Tiktok pashto funny video girl, zeba gulay is a tiktok star which make ticktock video in romantic urdu ziba gulley height is tall and she looks cute and beautiful zeba gul death is a fake news viral like wild fire on social media, In this ziba gul wikipedia we have talked about age of zeba gull, height of zeba, zeba gulley biography was no available at on google that is why i written about her.

zeba gul is making pashto music video which have great demand, pashto song, pashto gane, pashto drama, zeba gul wikipedia is searching for her information, zeba gul tiktok wikipedia is a hot topic on internet, In ziba gulley biography we have posted pictures for our users, ziba gulley wiki provide a valid link to connect with her tiktok account, zeba gul facebook is gone viral after posting pictures and viddeos, zeba gul death news is a propangandas was spread on media, zeba gulay hot pictures was spread on facebook, twiiter, instagram. Read about zeba gulay Tiktok here.

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zeba gulay – ziba gul wikipedia – pashto dance

2. Gul panra tik tok – pashto song, pashto video, pashto gane

Tiktok pashto funny video girl, Gul panra tik tok is a 31 years old tiktok singer which have more than 10 million followers on tiktok, Her birthdday is September 6, 1989, she lives in Peshawar, pakistan. gul panra tik tok is famous due to posting pashto song, pashto video, pashto gane, short music videos of upcoming songs, She ia a pashto singer also take part in code studio, gul panra new tiktok video is about releasing news songs to inform her fans through ticktock. read here

gul panra new tiktok video,
gul panra new tiktok,
GUL PANRA –pashto song, pashto video, pashto gane

3. Dolphin ayan peshawar – pashto dance, pashto song, pashto video, pashto gane

Dolphin ayan biography, Tiktok pashto funny video girl, Dolphin ayan is a 26 years old transwoman from peshawar, her birthday is March 3, 1995, She has more than 1 million followers on tiktok. The height of dolphin ayan is 1.75 m 5 feet 9 inches, The dolphin ayan is a famous peshawar dancer, dolphin ayan death was rumour and spread fasly on social media. dolphin ayan whatsapp number is 03329296334 for dancing programms. Dolphin ayan new song Pari Zata by Dolphin AyanLyrics by Gulzada KurmewalAudio & Video by Arshad Ali, dolphin ayan interview was taken by Naijiba Faiz in 2021. Dolphin ayan khan can perform pashto dance, pashto song, pashto video, pashto gane.

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dolphin ayan peshawar
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dolphin ayan peshawar

Dolphin Ayaan dolphin Ayaan contact number is always on for dancing programs, dolphin ayan whatsapp number, dolphin ayan contact number 03329296334, Dolphin Ayaan Wikipedia. dolphin Ayaan Peshawar is the member of transgender community in Peshawar she loud his voice for trans discrimination in Peshawar city. dolphin Ayaan Instagram provide pictures for her fans and she loves her fans too much. dolphin ayan peshawar, dolphin ayan instagram, dolphin ayan peshawar dance.

4. Gul chahat – pashto song, pashto gane, pashto songs.

Tiktok pashto funny video girl, Gul chahat is a shemale from Swat, kpk, Pakistan, gull chahat is a famous tiktok star, gul chahat age is 27 years, gul chahat tiktok viral. Gullchahat recentley visited dubai for programms and met with different people, gulchahat is talented shemale of pakistan, chahat gul hometown is swat beautiful mountainous region of kpk, gul chahat tik tok viral after uses some name in which adnan and sajid were common used, gul chahat contact number is 033469296835, Many people wander about gul chahat gender which is transwoman. gul chahat pic

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gul chahat sajida,
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gul chahat gender – gul chahat sajida – gul chahat pic

Gul Chahat is a Pakistani social media star who has earned popularity through gul chahat tik tok, Gul chahat news famous trend is sajida. gul chahat contact number is 03329296745 for dancing programms, gul chahat accident was happened during her journey from swat to peshawar and then she transfered to lady reading hospital peshawar.

Gul chahat song commonly on tiktok to make funs with her followers, Gul chahat gender is commonly controversial due to transgender, gul chahat sajida is famous hashtags and trend on tiktok, gul chahat twitter was viral after making a video sajida, gul chahat facebook have more than 1 million followers, gul chahat was beaten and injury during dance programm. gul bahar bano chahat mein dancing music of gul chahat, chahat shayari gulzar is a another music for tiktok video, chahat ke gulab lamhe novel was written about about chahat ka guldasta. Gul chahat tiktok video read here.

5. Sundal Khattak – Tiktok pashto funny video girl

Tiktok pashto funny video girl, sundal khattak instagram have sundal khattak pictures and post small videos for her fans, sundal khattak wikipedia pictures have vibrant motion on social media, During sundal khattak plastic surgery doctor cut her nose skin. sundal khattak nose cut viral on instagram and tiktok, After sundal khattak plastic surgery, her fans were worried about sundal khattak death.

sundal khattak plastic surgery was quite famous for her fans which was the sundal khattak latest news in which sundal khattak nose cut.

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sundal khattak instagram – mashallah song sundal khattak

Some people were trying sundal khattak is a foreign agenda but sundal khattak id card proof that she is a honest pakistani, sundal khattak death news shock her fans and then she appeared on live video to confirmed as alive, sundal khattak wiki show that she is 25 years old, sundal khattak facebook id was hacked by some unknow person then she recovered, sundal khattak latest news about her travel revealed that she reached to france, mashallah song sundal khattak is viral after posting it on tiktok. Read here

In this article we have provided you more influential tiktok star which is active people who sing pashto song, pashto gane, pashto drama, pashto songs, pashto video, pashto dance for his fans and friends. They have gained great popularity on social media.

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