Why do tribal people not trust the Pakistan government ?

There are certain reasons behind it. That is why tribal people do not trust on government

  • FATA ( Federally administrated tribal Area ) is used as a buffers zone between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Many politicians in the past say it is cancerous part of pakistan.
  • They were used FATA as training camps for jihadist.
  • Government deprived them from basic rights like education, health care, job in government or give least job opportunity in government.
  • They were emerged with FATA without asking from their native people, which is totally against the will of FATA people kpk have more problem than FATA. How can kpk solve them.
  • FTA is without electricity, road, primary school, high school and universities
  • There is no safe future for the tribal people they only know gun instead of pen, jacket of bullets instead of school bags. Government also want to live in these condition to use them well in terrorist activities.
  • During IDPS funding from foreign countries even government engulf their fund and products.

The Reason of Tribal People do not trust anymore

As many as 85,000 Pakistani have been killed in the war against terror between 2005 and 2013. War on terror’ has cost Pakistan more than $150 billion in losses since 9/11. More than 400 drones attack were happened. Majority of drone strikes and people were killed in tribal areas and their homes were destroyed.1.2 million people were displaced internally.

After 9/11 tribal areas were the most happiest place for living and had uniques tribal cultures. But unfortunately the Russian invasion on Afghanistan disturb the foundation of Asia. United States of America and Pakistan played a bloody game on his own people to trained them well and set up training centers in tribal areas. Tribal areas people least educated and were completely used by government. When Russia leaved Afghanistan then 9/11 event happened then USA turn his rifle mouth towards tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Here tribal people.

civilians in FATA interviewed for the report believed “that the US actively seeks to kill them simply for being Muslims, viewing the drone campaign as a part of a religious crusade against Islam also Pakistani government supported them. The drone strikes encourage terrorism in tribal areas which kill people’s family members and in return the alive members try to take revenge from security forces. They said there’s no difference between USA forces and government forces.

555,000 people were internally displaced. Most of the 1.2 million people who have escaped the violence were staying with relatives or friends, placing tremendous strain on the country. The internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the refugee camps set up in Mardan, Nowshera, Swabi and other hot areas of NWFP to Abbottabad and Mansehra districts. This topic is especially about tribal people.

Imran Khan, chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf political party in Pakistan, announced a Peace March to tribal areas on 6–7 October 2012 to create global awareness about innocent civilian deaths in US drone attacks. He proposed to take a rally of 100,000 people from Islamabad to tribal areas. The tribal areas administration denied the group permission for the rally on the grounds that they can not provide security.The US conducted 400 drone attacks and targeted innocent people, including children. They (Americans) just pushed the button. but did not know who would be killed,” he said, adding that in Bajaur, 64 children were killed in one such attack and 21 people were killed in another attack in Waziristan. Here tribal people.

what are the tribal areas of Pakistan ? tribal people

Tribal Areas of Pakistan contain on seven agencies

  1. Bajaur Agency
  2. Mohmand Agency
  3. Khyber Agency
  4. Orakzai Agency
  5. Kurram Agency
  6. North Waziristan Agency
  7. South Waziristan Agency

There are six frontier region of pakistan which is also the part of pakistan.

  1. Bannu
  2. Dera Ismail Khan
  3. Kohat
  4. Lakki Marwat
  5. Frontier Region of Peshawar
  6. Frontier Region Tank

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